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      Epic mystery games

      Epic Games Upcoming Mystery Game 2022 : Leaked

      What is going to be the first mystery game of 2022 that is going to get unlocked in around 5 days from writing of...

      PUBG:BATTLEGROUNDS PC Free for Everyone

      Krafton has announced that PUBG: Battlegrounds PC will be going free to play from 12th of January 2022. The announcement of the game going...
      Graphics cards prices

      Good News Gamers : Graphics Cards Prices May Go Down By The End of...

      Many gamers have been waiting for graphics cards prices to go down. So that they can building their PC but the prices of GPU's...
      Netflix games

      Netflix have Big Plans to Enter Gaming Industry

      OTT platform Netflix is trying to find senior executive specialized in video games industry.According to reports, Netflix is making plans to make its next...