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Intel 12th Gen Processor : Leaks, Benchmarks and Specs

Intel has announced their 12th gen processors already. Alder Lake is Intel’s codename for the upcoming 12th generation of Intel Core processors. Currently Alder Lake is set to be launched in late 2021. While People are already hyped for Intel 12th gen CPU. As some leaks assures that its performance has a drastic improvement. Possibly the fastest architectural upgrade in Intel’s mainstream desktop history.

Change in Processor Architecture

Intel was making 14nm processors by a long period of time. Alder Lake is Intel’s first 10nm based processor. Intel 12th gen processor will be based on 600 series chipset. This means that these processors will need new socket. Hence, 600 series processors motherboard will feature a new socket type i.e., LGA1700. There is also an identifical change in shape of Alder lake processor . It’s kind of rectangular now.

Change in Performance

Intel 12th gen CPU uses Intel’s Hybrid Technology. It is tend to provide high efficiency and high performance cores. According to some leaks there has been upto 20% performance increase in single-threaded performance. While in multi thread performance it confirms upto twice as much performance uplift.

Intel 12th gen cpu leaks
Source: VideoCardz

Support to DDR5

There are also some leaks which shows that Intel 12th gen will support DDR5 RAM modules as well as PCIe Gen5. But some sources also said that it will support ddr4 ram as well. Some rumors also stated that AMD will also support these technologies. But like Intel, AMD has never confirmed it. So its obvious if Intel comes with this sooner than AMD, then it will definitely going to have some first mover advantage.

Availability of 12th Gen Processors

It was rumored that Alder Lake processors will be announced near about September 2021. But, Now according to wccftech Intel is planning to launch its 12th gen processor series in November 2021. There are some rumors that Intel is planning to start the mass production of Alder Lake CPU in the third quarter of 2021.

Performance on Latest Windows 11 OS

According to the testing done by Hothardware . Intel’s Lakefield processors are already seems to gain some more performance in early Windows 11 build. Their testing result shows improvement in Geekbench 5 as it gained 5.8% boost in multi-threaded. While 2% higher score in single-threaded performance.

intel 12th gen windows 11 performance
Source: Hothardware

They also performed a test on Cinebench R23 and it also reflected around 8.2% performance boost in single core threaded test.

intel 12th gen release date
Source: Hothardware

So it’s pretty obvious after analyzing the data that Windows 11 will gonna be definitely perform better on Intel 12th gen cpus.

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