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Netflix have Big Plans to Enter Gaming Industry

OTT platform Netflix is trying to find senior executive specialized in video games industry.

According to reports, Netflix is making plans to make its next move towards gaming industry. Netflix is hiring industry veterans in gaming industry. Netflix might use business model like apple arcade within which people have to pay monthly fees for streaming games and if that comes true Netflix will for surely become an important competitor for Google Stadia and Apple Arcade. But it’s not going to be an easy task for Netflix to enter gaming industry as we all know how much struggle Amazon Game Studios is facing to be in the same space.

There are no doubts that gaming industry has been one of the few to experience an unprecedented boom, while others were hitted hard by the pandemic. This might be one of the reason why biggest tech giants like Google and Apple are making their way into it and on the other hand Microsoft has already with its large share in video games industry continues to thrive in the same.

” We have regularly expanded our presenting–from web-series to documentaries, film, local language originals and reality TV. Subscribers also enjoy engaging more directly with games based on shows Stranger Things and La Casa de Papel. So we’re eager to try and do more with interactive entertainment “.

Netflix spokesperson in an interview

It’s not first time when Netflix has shown interest in entering gaming industry. Back in E3 2019, Netflix panel discussed about entering gaming industry and launched a game based on Stranger Things.

More Likely, Netflix is aiming to create games based on it’s globally popular series like Breaking Bad, Dark, Narcos and lots more. But, It hasn’t disclosed whether Netflix will develop the games itself or would ask game publishers to urge the work done. By the way if that happens please let us know in comment section which game you would like to play.



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