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Post Covid Complications

Generally most people with Covid-19 get better within weeks, but some people have come across with Post Covid Complications.

People may experience different types of health related problems like tiredness or fatigue, headache, difficulty in thinking or concentrating after recovering from Covid.(More than 4 weeks after first being infected by the virus)

Such ongoing health problems can be categorised under Post Covid Conditions.

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Even people who didn’t fell ill or have shown any symptoms when they were infected by Covid-19 are discovering post Covid Complications.

Elder people (above 65) or people with chronic lung, heart, kidney and liver disease are most at risk.

Additionally, people with compromised immune system and morbid obesity or diabetes could also be at risk.

What is Long Covid ?

Long Covid is a variety of symptoms that can last weeks or months, after recovering from this disease.

Many people who recovered from Covid report experiencing different combinations of the following symptoms :


There are certain ways to help people who are suffering from post Covid Complications, and many with these are getting better with time.

If you are experiencing different combinations of these symptoms then talk to your family doctor or any healthcare professional.

Many post Covid care clinics are opening across the globe to address patients in need.

The Bottom Line

As second wave of Covid-19 affected a vast number of people worldwide, concerns are rising regards post Covid Complications. According to experts, nearly 20% of Covid-19 patients are suffering from mental health issues like depression, anxiety or dementia.

No one knows how deadly could be the next wave of Coronavirus, so the best way to prevent these long-haulers is to prevent Covid-19.

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So we recommend you to get vaccinated regardless of whether you already had Covid-19. It is the best possible solution we have right now.



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