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Linux Operating System : Essential for Programmers?

We all know that Linux Operating System is the base fundamental and We believe that every programmer no matter what your programming domain is whether Python, JavaScript, Java, or any other. You should have basic Linux Operating System knowledge.
We’re gonna give you 4 reasons why you should learn Linux and how it will gonna help you as a programmer.

Better command on Every Operating System

why you should learn linux

Fear of Linux is the essential thing that you need to overcome right now. We have seen a lot of programmers who are pretty good in Java, JavaScript, or Python but still do have this fear of Linux.

For Example: Let’s just say you get a problem in your code, when you look and go out on the Internet you see a lot of solutions, a lot of videos, and that person is performing the same tasks that you need but he’s doing it on Linux or Mac. 

You just get a fear that he’s doing it on Linux how am I gonna do the same thing on Windows?

Once you learn Linux, you can understand not only Windows but also Ubuntu and Mac so greatly that this fear of programming on two different systems just goes away.

Linux is not that much tough of an operating system. It’s just a little bit different from what you are used to on a Windows system. So, by just understanding the basics of Linux you can not only overcome the fear of Linux but also understand these operating systems better.

Windows, Mac, and Linux will all become such a friendly operating system that from after learning Linux onwards you’re never gonna get a fear that he is doing something on that operating system I’m on another operating system are we able to sync up or not?
This fear is stopping you from performing a lot of tasks so get rid of that.

Knowledge of Linux Operating System make you Better Developer

Some people say that I’m a JavaScript developer. I just write all of my code in VS Code and run that in the browser. Why do I need Linux knowledge it’s not useful for me.

But the thing is no matter what language you code on whether that’s Angular, React, Node, Python, Django, or any other programming language at some point you’re gonna be dealing with the command line.

We have noticed all those people who are not familiar with Linux are much more afraid of going into the command line. A lot of things are dependent on node.js and node.js comes up with a variety of command line commands.

A person who is having a fear of this command line is not going to be a better developer.

So, regardless you are working on JavaScript, Java, Python, Machine Learning, or even Django anything you name. Regardless of the kind of development, It is very essential to be comfortable with the command line which can be possible once you have the basics of Linux with you.

Knowledge of Linux Operating System makes Deployment of Projects Easy

best way to learn linux

Once you have created any project whether that’s on React Native or MongoDB or node.js or any programming language. In that case, You also need to deploy that project on some kind of server.
In the days of PHP or something, it was just copying and pasting on the cPanel, most of the stuff just works easily like that.

Nowadays we are working on more advanced stuff like React, Django, node.js or Angular, and many more. These things do not come with an easy installation or deployment setup like GoDaddy or any other such website.

We need to deploy all these things in a different environment. Regardless of what you are choosing either DigitalOcean Droplet, AWS, Google Cloud Services, or any other.
As a given fact you need some kind of basic knowledge of command-line.
On these services or these servers, you need to install Linux by yourself maybe that’s Ubuntu, Debian, or whatever the flavor of Linux you choose.

This means it doesn’t matter on what operating system you have developed your application.
You ultimately need to deploy that on some kind of Linux basic server whether that’s coming up from Google or Amazon it doesn’t matter you have to interact with it.

These companies make sure that interaction should be as minimal as possible. Still given the fact that these are Linux-based systems, at some point or the other you will be interacting with the command line shell.

So you need to understand that Linux is powerful and developers must have some basic knowledge of it.

GIT becomes Easy to Understand

linux operating system
Source: Unsplash

GIT is a version-controlling system. We know that GIT comes up with a variety of graphical interfaces whether that’s GIT Desktop or sourcetree or a variety of others as well. But what we have noticed is that people who are already familiar with the command line terminal basics of Linux understand GIT 50 times faster than an average programmer.

If a programmer says that he/she doesn’t have GIT knowledge that is not at all a great thing.

Any programmer regardless of what domain you work in, GIT knowledge is very essential not just for pushing your code and everything onto GitHub but to also make sure that your entire project is under a version-controlling system. So that whenever anything goes wrong you can just start working on that from a very good checkpoint.


So now that you understand that Linux is very essential and if you want to become a better developer you must understand what it is from inside to outside, how the directory structure works, and how you can be comfortable on command line. Don’t worry we will be covering more on this topic which will help you understand Linux in simple ways. Until then stick with us and let us know in the comment section do you work on Linux and how you feel using it.



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