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Windows 10 Sun Valley Update : What We Know So Far ?

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirmed on the Build 2021 Developer Conference on Tuesday, that the “next-generation” of Windows will be disclosed very soon. He added that it will be one of the most important updates of windows of the past decade. During developer conference, we didn’t get detailed announcement regarding this update but he said that there will be a press conference soon. Microsoft has used the codename Sun Valley for this Windows 10 21H2 update.

Highlights from Satya Nadella’s Build Opening.

What Will Windows 10 Sun Valley Update Include?

According to Windows Central, There are some leaks that Microsoft is bringing some new features in this update such as Battery Usage Graphs, Eco Mode, HDR support in Apps and Feature to Uninstall in-built Apps.

According to some leaks, Microsoft has changed multiple things in overall UI, Some of which includes Rounded Corners, Floating Start Menu, Colorful Icons in File Explorer, New Action Center and Replacing Old Icons of Windows 95 to updated ones in Windows Shell.

Along with these, There will also be brand new windows store with new look. As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella mentioned in Developer Conference that this will unlock greater economic opportunity for developers and creators .

There are some huge changes in privacy policies such as :

  • Developers can submit unpackaged Win32 apps to the store.
  • They can host apps and updates on their own CDN (Content Delivery Network).
  • They can use third-party commerce platforms in the apps.

These Privacy policy changes may led to some popular apps like Adobe , Firefox, Chrome etc. to enter Microsoft store as currently its policies doesn’t allow them.

Is it Windows 11 ?

Back In 2015, Microsoft said that this will be the last version of Windows . And they will continue to work and improve this version. It is really unlikely that Microsoft will name it Windows 11 unless it doesn’t have any plan to create mess.
When Microsoft cancelled Windows 10X they said that they will not release it as a new product , But they will use its features into other products and parts of Windows. And this update contains many features of Windows 10X. So let’s wait till October 2021 to see how people responds to “The Next-Generation of Windows”. Are you waiting for the Sun Valley update? What new features do you want to see in the upcoming update? Do share your thoughts in comments section below.



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